Digitization of Pakistan’s Retail

Digitization of Pakistan’s Retail

Technology is driving the next stage of Digitization and growth in retail just like other industries. The progression so far is positive and a lot can be gained from this shift.

Pak Retailers has entered the retail market to ensure digitization that makes retail more inclusive, accessible, easy, and generally a more beneficial and well-rounded experience both for the retailer and companies.

Digitization leads to ease of access for consumers and even new start-ups which are highly sustainable and beneficial for the economy. The retail industry of Pakistan is growing exponentially but it lags when it comes to mass digitization. The major drawback is the vacuum between the company and the retailer. Not much has been done to fill in this gap and the result is the slow pace of the retail industry towards digitization. Without a doubt, there have been several collaborations between big names and brands but this is not sufficient. Pakretailers has brought an exceptional approach to connect the stakeholders and create a bridge. This growth can turn exponential with timely communication by bringing all the concerned parties on board.

PakRetailers intends to bridge the gap between companies and retailers by bringing them on one platform in a cost-effective way.

Pakistani retailers do have an advantage here. Since most businesses still stick to traditional means, the digital world can be yours for taking especially for the younger, more loyal demographic. But this also includes a completely new style of marketing that provides the people with what they want and is more personalized and customized experience in return for brand loyalty. This is achievable in several ways, by creating more products streamlined to current trends and fashions, adhering to a more ‘millennial’ marketing style and having a new and more culturally relevant style.

Connecting 2.2 million retail outlets with the retail companies directly using a web-based platform between the company and the retailer is going to yield exceptional outcomes in terms of digitization.

This also includes having a more well-rounded service system backed up by advanced online security. Modernization of retail will also include a newer way of advertisement which appeals to the target demographic. If your target demographic is the newer generation, then advertisement promoting liberal values and a more liberal outlook is essential. A style that is more emotionally appealing to the audience is also recommended. Shifting retail to a completely new platform will not be that easy especially considering most people still prefer a traditional experience, but it has more benefits in the long run.

Making your products more accessible is essential and for this your product must show up in more common mediums. Overall, digitizing, while highly beneficial and profitable, will not be easy especially in current times. It requires a complete change in services, marketing, advertising, and production but investing in it will reap many rewards in the long-run.

Pakistan retail sector can benefit from Pak Retailers services as they can rely on data analytics and digitization in post COVID-19 times. It will help all the stakeholders in coming together and joining their forces to take the entire retail industry to another level. With the entry of Pakretailers, digitization is certainly around the corner for Pakistan’s retail sector.

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