A Message by CEO Pak Retailers Mr. Shahzad Najam

A Message by CEO Pak Retailers Mr. Shahzad Najam

The retailing industry of Pakistan, with a population of 207 million is constantly changing the life of a common man as a result of growing consumerism in the country. Thanks to science and technology advancements, the retail industry of Pakistan is becoming digitized and changing the way many businesses operate for the better of the company and its customers.

The companies and retailers can benefit from their businesses in tough times in terms of boosting their traditional system by using technology. Those who have paid attention to the customer’s perception and have made efforts to enrich their experience via technological advancements which has garnered several benefits.

To bridge the gaps between retailers and companies, PakRetailers has introduced digital solutions. Retailers can now make direct contact with the companies by using ‘Pak Retailers mobile app. On the other hand, companies can now easily get their hands on the market pulse with authentic information that comes directly from the market via Pak Retailers portal named ‘Pulse’.

‘Pakretailers have started to pave the way for organized retail in Pakistan’

CEO/Co-Founder Pak Retailers Mr. Shahzad Najam talks about the birth of an idea, how retailers and companies can benefit from it, how it works, and how can we benefit from such technological advancement in tough times such as now.

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