Telecommunication: A Specialized Retail Game Changer

Telecommunication: A Specialized Retail Game Changer

Telecommunication: A Specialized retail game changer

Telecom retail sector has expanded in Pakistan like no other sector and experts think that the major reason behind this success is the use of technology in enhancing their reach. Without a doubt, the telecom sector has appeared as the major attraction for foreign investment.

For the period July 2018 till January 2019, the stated FDI influx in the IT & Telecom sector is USD 114.4 million.

The telecom sector is operating nationwide through a number of channels. Specialized products are being offered to 37.4 million subscribers through around 120,000 retailers and specialized mobile shops. The Telecommunication Service Provider Business Centers/Franchises are the one-stop solution because the staff there is trained and educated. They have information about the new products and services and people get almost every solution through one visit. On the other hand, mobile shops are great in number but the major issue is customer education. Business Centers/Franchises have another amazing feature that they provide complex services as well.

The telecom sector has attracted over US$ 2.6 billion in FDI. However, a total of about US$ 4.5 billion have been financed by telecom players in Pakistan.

Business Centers/Franchises and provision of complex services: one-stop solution!

You might have visited Jazz, Telenor, Zong Business Centers / franchises to activate or resolving issues regarding your sim or network. There are a number of trained employees who are trained to serve the customers by providing them needed information and imparting knowledge about new initiatives and services. They are educated enough and they have the technical know-how as well. Be it 3G or 4G, you will get every service related information there. Since the number of mobile users has increased exponentially over the years, telecommunication companies need to train and educate all the stakeholders including mobile shop retailers.

The mobile market in Pakistan has expanded exponentially with the number of unique subscribers increasing by 37.4 million (85.1%) between 2008 and 2018.

With such huge numbers, it seems easier for telecommunication companies to introduce new products and services but they also face several issues. Business centers have educated staff and offer complex services but they lack the reach that is needed in such cases. As a matter of fact, mobile shops have enhanced reach but since they are not professionally educated, their services are limited to selling GSM recharge and financial services. The telecom sector knows the importance of potential customers and this can only happen if they have enhanced reach. They can enhance their reach by educating local mobile shop retailers as well. They must be educated about the technical and complex services.

3G and 4G LTE have led to access to cellular mobile services to more than 89% of the total population out of which 73% have access to 3G and 69 percent have access to 4G services.

Telecommunication: A Specialized retail

Maybe, there also exists a place for a new player that would connect the telecommunication sector and mobile shops retailer. There is a dire need to devise a one-stop solution that would benefit all the stakeholders. Communication will be enhanced through this new channel and all the issues related to specialized products will be resolved in a simple manner.

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