Say goodbye to plain barcodes: Welcome QR codes in Pakistan!

Say goodbye to plain barcodes: Welcome QR codes in Pakistan!

QR (Quick Response) code is the production of Japan which is used to get access to certain information. In Pakistan, QR codes can be used at different platforms to secure different kinds of information. When there is a need to keep the data safe, one can incorporate QR codes. We most commonly find QR codes placed on different websites. Different items have different QR codes that contain relevant information about the product they are connected to. It is believed that shortly, we will get to see it everywhere around us like on billboards, magazines, television, clothes, etc. Such codes are more useful and effective as compared to the ordinary barcodes because QR codes can store more data, are safer to use and come with additional features. The mobile phone does not take more than one minute to read the QR code and give access to the required information. This indicates that the system is quite user-friendly. One can generate a QR code by relying on a website like

Small and large businesses can equally benefit from it. This article intends to highlight the usefulness of QR codes in Pakistan.

The era of QR codes begins in Pakistan’s Retail Industry!

Plain barcodes are not on the shelf anymore because Pakistan’s retail industry is stepping towards more innovative solutions and QR codes are one of those solutions. Retailers, as well as marketers, are doing everything in their reach to incorporate this amazing feature at all levels owing to its capacity to store huge amounts of information. As a matter of fact, all the leading MNCs like Unilever, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and many more have incorporated this feature and people are loving this technique too. It is not an attraction for retailers and the corporate sector but also for the customers. The ease of using this feature is everything. Literally, your customer can get a great amount of information about your company, products, and services just by scanning this B&W patter. Isn’t it amazing?

Benefits for Pakistani retailers!

QR codes have succeeded in gathering the needed spotlight due to the fact that retailers and the corporate sector are aware of its potential. With the ever-increasing number of smartphone users having Wi-Fi connection in Pakistan, it has become easier for the corporate sector and retail industry to connect with their consumers without any hassle. As a matter of fact, technology has offered the utmost benefits to retailers since they do not have to spend hours maintaining their record and track prices of the products. POS system and inclusion of QR codes in the marketing strategy has taken the industry to a whole new level. You will be shocked to hear the amount of information that this small B&W QR code can store. Although they are available in different colors as well, B&W remains the standard one. Moreover, information can be stored and updated at any point which is yet another major advantage in this regard.

QR in print advertisements:

It’s a great idea to use a QR code on your print advertisements. In Pakistan, companies use different ways to market their products and services. One of the most effective and old mediums of marketing is print media through which a range of audiences is captured regularly. Because printing is never a good option for the environment, we can rely on QR codes to save space and offer detailed information about certain services to the customers on phone. So instead of consuming space on paper, companies can shift all the information to online mediums which can be accessed by the customers at any time.

Making payments:

QR codes can also be used to make the overall process of payments easier to achieve. These codes can easily store information regarding a person’s bank account which means that a customer can make payment of the received services at any time without having to wait in long ques and waiting for his turn to come. Apart from fast payments, QR codes also enable safe payments. This practice is not common in Pakistan but companies can save lots of their time and effort by using QR codes at different platforms to make their payment processing quicker, safer and more efficient.

Securing information:

Data breaching is an issue that is being faced by people around the world. Companies in Pakistan can make the most of QR codes to keep the data of their customers safe. Through QR codes, access to certain information is granted only when an authentic person is asking for it. The system, therefore, saves companies and customers from lots of inconvenience and damages related to data breaches. Though, it must be kept in mind that it is important to use the latest and most updated version of QR codes to achieve the best results.  

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